Square Design is a company specialised in the design and production of POS displays made from wood and plywood and offers customer care throughout the entire process.

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Individual Projects

Project tailored
to your needs

Do you need displays, installations or other items to present your products in the best possible light to attract and inform your customers, enhance your product visibility and boost sales? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer you a number of solutions to attract your customers and generate interest in your brand.

We see our work as a challenge and our team can devise content for your top advertising campaigns. We’ll make them sustainable, innovative, greener and more effective.

Tailor-made design for Cappy Роса

Tailor-made design for Cappy

Tailor-made design for Queens

Tailor-made design for Żubrówka

Tailor-made design for BUCOVINA

Индивидуален проект за Cappy

All display stands are assembled directly in store, with no need for tools.
Flat Pack

Easy-assembling plywood display stands
Interlocking assembly system without tools

No fasteners or so-called plywood flat pack displays. This method is very suitable for batches of products, as more than 30 shelves may be transported on a single pallet at a time. They are made from birch plywood, a 100% recyclable material and a renewable source.

Tight production deadlines, unlimited possibilities for the design, form and specific details – easy-assembling plywood displays stands are a sure way to know you have made the right choice for streamlining the cost of materials, transport, storage and resources.

By choosing this type of display for your campaign, you are showing your commitment to the environment and catering to the needs of customers looking for indicators of sustainable development in your products. 

Are you looking for ready-made solutions?

Take a look at the shelves in our catalogue.